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Question: Can the police arrest me randomly? Answer: No.  Police officers must have probable cause to arrest you.  In other words, whether facts and circumstances surrounding your case was sufficient to warrant a belief that you had committed a crime or you were in the process of committing a crime. Question: Should I talk to the police after an arrest? Answer: It is not unusual for the police to make an arrest even without a great deal of evidence.  Even after you are arrested, the police may still try and contact you in order to build a stronger case.  Though, there is a natural instinct to prove our innocence, you must never talk to the police afterward; at the least without an attorney present. Question: What is the difference between a bench trial and a jury trial? Answer: A bench trial is one in which a judge would decide, based on the evidence, whether you are guilty or innocent while a jury trial is one in which a jury of twelve randomly selected people from the community would decide whether you are guilty or innocent.

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