In a major appellate victory, Attorney Uche persuaded Illinois’ Third Appellate District Court to throw out his client’s 12-year sentence and conviction for drug trafficking.  The case, People v. Litwin had involved a traffic stop where a police officer had allegedly discovered more than fifty pounds of cannabis in suitcases stored in the Defendant’s trunk.  Prior to trial, the Defendant had argued for dismissal of the charges because the traffic stop was illegal, the video of the traffic stop had been partially destroyed and that the police officer had searched the Defendant’s trunk without probable cause or consent.  The trial judge disagreed and refused to dismiss the charges.  After a trial, the Defendant was found guilty and sentenced to 12 years imprisonment.  Attorney argued on appeal that the traffic stop unreasonable and thus, the search was illegal.  Attorney Uche also argued that the destruction of parts of the police video recording warranted dismissal of the charges.  The appellate court agreed with Attorney Uche and vacated the judgement and dismissed tall charges.

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