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Chicago Traffic Lawyer

Traffic Offenses As a Chicago traffic lawyer, some of the Chicago traffic tickets and traffic crimes Attorney Uche handles include:
  • Speeding
  • Aggravated speeding
  • Chicago DUI
  • Hit and Run
  • Driving on a suspended license
  • No registration
  • Reckless Driving
  • Fleeing & Eluding
  • Driving Without a License
  • Driving With No Insurance
  • Leaving the Scene of an Accident
When people think of traffic offenses, they think of minor offenses that affect only the pocket book.  However, a good number of Chicago traffic violations carry the same stiff penalties as any other crime. For instance, in Illinois, going 31mph above the speed limit is a traffic crime which could trigger jail time.  It gets worse, if your driving is reckless and leads to bodily harm.  In such instances you are facing a felony along with possible incarceration.  Likewise, a Chicago hit and run charge involving personal injury or property damage could trigger incarceration.  Even issues with licenses can get you in serious trouble.  For example, a jail term is a possibility for you if you are caught driving without a license in Illinois or driving with a suspended license.  A charge of driving on a suspended license could turn into a felony if the basis for the suspension of your license was trigged by a DUI or a reckless homicide. Even minor traffic offenses should be taken seriously.  Left unchecked, such offenses could affect your driving privileges in Illinois.  The result can be serious, because a majority of drivers do not realize when their privileges have even been suspended.  Such carelessness can be costly if you are later charged with the criminal offense of driving on a suspended license. You are even more at risk if you have a CDL or you are a commercial driver.  A few minor moving violations can you banned for life with respect to obtaining a CDL. If you are facing a traffic related offense, do not attempt to represent yourself or treat it casually.  Instead, contact and experienced attorney who can fight your traffic tickets effectively.  As a former prosecutor with experience handling traffic matters, Attorney Uche has the skill in defending you when you are charged with such crimes. For a FREE 24/7 consultation with Mr. Uche call 312-380-5341 now!

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