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Recent Victories

Drug Charges Thrown Out—In a major appellate victory, Attorney Uche persuaded Illinois’ Third District Appellate Court to throw out his client’s 12-year sentence and conviction for drug trafficking. SeePeople v. Litwin.


HE BEAT MY HUSBAND’S ATTEMPT MURDER CHARGE!! I hired Attorney Uche to beat my husband’s attempted murder case. Attorney Uche came highly recommended based on his tenacity, aggressiveness and brilliance in a courtroom. It was well worth it.



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Practice Areas

Violent Crimes

We focus our practice on all types of violent criminal cases from Homicide to battery and assaults.  More

Gun/Weapons Crimes

Facing an epidemic of gun related cases, some of the most harsh penalties are given for such charges in Cook County. More

Financial Crimes

Financial Crimes come with serious penalties depending on the amount in question and the circumstances.  More

Theft Crimes

From retail theft to burglaries, theft related crimes comes with stiff penalties depending on the amount involved and circumstances.  More

DUI/Traffic Crimes

Apart from criminal penalties, DUI/Traffic offenses can trigger the long-term suspension of your drivers license.  More

Sex Crimes

Due to the sensitive nature of sex crimes, a ruined reputation and long prison terms are usually guaranteed upon a conviction.  More

Drug Crimes

From Cannabis to cocaine, from possession to trafficking, drug crimes carry some of the most severe penalties.  More

Federal Crimes

Federal cases are complex and must be fought aggressively.  After all, the full weight of the federal government is being used to prosecute you.  More


A former Chicago prosecutor, Attorney Uche focuses his experience and skill on criminal charges in state court; DUI charges and federal criminal charges.  Attorney Uche’s emphasis is on Cook County and Chicago; though, upon request and a client’s capability, Attorney Uche does defend charges beyond Illinois.

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