We take on all types of criminal cases—

from the simple misdemeanors to the complex and challenging weapons, drugs, white collar, DUI charges, as well as homicide related felony cases.  We just don’t say we take on them, but, we have been successful at them all.  We focus on both federal and state courts.  We take our cases to juries of all walks of life and judges of all backgrounds and our goal is simple: to persuade them. We know how to negotiate; of course, with our client’s interest always taking center stage. We try cases in Illinois, with emphasis on Cook County and Chicago; though, upon request and our client’s capability, we are willing to go out of state. We do it for justice; but, ultimately, we do it for our clients.

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Practice Areas

Violent Crimes

We focus our practice on all types of violent criminal cases from Homicide to battery and assaults.  More

Gun/Weapons Crimes

Facing an epidemic of gun related cases, some of the most harsh penalties are given for such charges in Cook County. More

Financial Crimes

Financial Crimes come with serious penalties depending on the amount in question and the circumstances.  More

Theft Crimes

From retail theft to burglaries, theft related crimes comes with stiff penalties depending on the amount involved and circumstances.  More

DUI/Traffic Crimes

Apart from criminal penalties, DUI/Traffic offenses can trigger the long-term suspension of your drivers license.  More

Sex Crimes

Due to the sensitive nature of sex crimes, a ruined reputation and long prison terms are usually guaranteed upon a conviction.  More

Drug Crimes

From Cannabis to cocaine, from possession to trafficking, drug crimes carry some of the most severe penalties.  More

Federal Crimes

Federal cases are complex and must be fought aggressively.  After all, the full weight of the federal government is being used to prosecute you.  More

Frequently Asked Questions

The presumption of innocence until proven guilty is established only in theory.  In fact, if you have been arrested for a crime, you probably feel as if you have already been found guilty.  As a Chicago criminal attorney and a Chicago DUI lawyer, Attorney Uche constantly answers questions about criminal and DUI law based on his unique perspective as a former prosecutor.  To the right, are some frequently asked questions and the answers about criminal & DUI law that can hopefully give you some rest of mind during this process.  More Criminal FAQ & DUI FAQ.

Can the police arrest me randomly?

No.  Police officers must have probable cause to arrest you.  In other words, whether facts and circumstances surrounding your case was sufficient to warrant a belief that you had committed a crime or you were in the process of committing a crime.

Should I talk to the police after I have been arrested?

It is not unusual for the police to make an arrest even without a great deal of evidence.  Even after you are arrested, the police may still try and contact you in order to build a stronger case.  Though, there is a natural instinct to prove our innocence, you must never talk to the police afterward; at the least without an attorney present.

We all thought my brother was going to jail because he had made a confession to the police. However during the trial, Attorney Uche got the detective to admit that my brother had not yet committed an offense because he had hidden his girlfriend for 47 hours as opposed to the required 48 hours needed for an offense to be committed. Because of this technical error, the judge found my brother NOT GUILTY!

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Jenny M.

Attorney Uche got the police officer, who was a Chicago police sergeant, to admit that he was not really experienced in performing DUI investigations. Attorney Uche also got the judge to believe that the cause of my so called DUI symptoms could have been the result of a possible concussion from an accident I had been in six hours before being pulled over.

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Ronald S.

During the trial of my husband, Attorney Uche was convincing and bold and completely dominated the courtroom while also being courteous. During intense questioning, Attorney Uche showed that the so called victim was lying and convinced the judge to find my husband NOT GUILTY! I don’t believe the outcome would have been the same without Attorney Uche.

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Jimmy W.

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Beyond the recognition and honors by his peers, Attorney Uche has the unique perspective and indeed the advantage of being a former prosecutor with a thorough understanding of the inner workings of the criminal justice system and criminal law.

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