sex crime consequences Crimes that involve prohibited or violent sexual conduct are treated especially seriously, both in the court of public opinion as well as in the legal system. Often, people view the accused as “guilty until proven innocent,” unfair as that may be. Consequently, even mere allegations or rumors regarding sex crimes have the potential to significantly affect a person’s life. Additionally, the consequences of a conviction can be extremely serious, can affect many of your fundamental liberties, and may result in life-long registration requirements.

As a result, it is extremely important that anyone accused of a sex crime1 in Illinois contact a Chicago criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Often, the early assistance of an attorney can significantly improve the outcome of a case, and in some cases may prevent a formal indictment from ever occurring.

Sex Crimes Consequences

The penalties associated with a particular offense can vary on a number of circumstances, including the nature of the offense and the defendant’s own criminal history. Generally speaking, sex crimes may result in the following legal sanctions:

Jail time – A sex offense conviction can result in a significant period of incarceration. In many cases, multiple sentences are carried out consecutively, meaning that one does not start until the previous one ends.

Civil commitment in the department of corrections – For some sex offenders that are deemed particularly dangerous or violent, Illinois law authorizes civil commitment in the department of corrections, even after an offender’s criminal sentence has been served. This means that a sex offender could potentially be imprisoned indefinitely under certain circumstances.

Mandatory registration as a sex offender2 Many sex offenders are required to register with the state as sex offenders for periods ranging from 10 years to the rest of their lives. In many cases, information about the offender is made available in a public database that lists his or her name, address, and information about his or her offense or offenses.

Mandatory HIV testing – Many violent sex offenders are required to undergo mandatory periodic HIV testing.

Restrictions on where you may live and work – Sex offenders are often prohibited from living or working near school, parks, or playgrounds

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